General Inquiries
  • Who can sign up for BIPL Direct?
    Any individual having a Bank account in Pakistan can sign up for BIPL Direct.
  • Can I trade electronically with BIPL Direct?
    Yes, if you are signed up for BIPL Direct and have received a user ID and password from us. Please note that after signing up for BIPL Direct, you can place trades only online.
  • Is an e-mail address necessary to open an account with BIPL Direct?
    Yes for all BIPL Direct clients Email Address is a mandatory requirement, because we send the trade confirmations and other important notices related to BIPL Direct account holders through email.
  • Is there a registration fee or annual fee for members?
    No there is no such fee.
  • How do I contact customer service if I reside outside Pakistan?
    Clients residing outside Pakistan can send an email detailing your query to us or by dialing BIPL Direct Helpline from outside Pakistan.
  • When can I start placing orders?
    Once the account has been opened and the funds have been received, your account will be activated and you will be able to place an order yourself.
  • Is there a time limitation for my access to the market data?
    Real-time data is available on the BIPL Direct website.
  • Can I trade bonds?
    No, at this time you cannot trade bonds through BIPL Direct account.
  • How is this different from dealing with a broker?
    When using BIPL Direct Software you are in total control of your transaction. You can view real-time market activity. A single keystroke or click of a mouse executes a buy or sell order. Also when the order has been completed you will receive instant confirmation of your trade via email.
  • Do I have to trade on a regular basis to keep my account activated?
    No, it's completely up to you how often you would want to trade.
  • Who is a broker?
    An individual in the business of facilitating stock trades for a client at the stock Exchange. Brokers usually charge a fee or receive a commission for their services.
  • Who is an investor?
    A person whose principal concern in the purchase of a security is the minimizing of risk, compared to the speculator who is prepared to accept calculated risk in the hope of making better-than-average profits, or the "gambler" who is prepared to take even greater risks. More generally it refers to people who invest money in investment products.
  • What are Odd Lots?
    The quantity below the market lot of shares are termed as ODDLOT. For instance the market lot of OGDC is 100 and if you have below 100 shares then it means that you have shares in ODD LOT form. You can trade by selecting ODL through Drop Down Menu in Market in BUY/SELL Order window in trading terminal.
  • What is Provisonal Trading?
    Provisional Trading refers to the trading activity that takes place between the time a scrip is formally listed at the Stock Exchange and after it's Initial Public Offering(IPO) has taken place and the subscriptions have been received from the prospective shareholders. During this time trading activity takes place under an informal mechanism before the settlement date of the subscription where all shareholders have to settle their positions with the Stock Exchange against their holdings in the scrip. Provisional Trading helps gauge for the investors the demand and supply situation of the scrip before formal trading starts at the Stock Exchange. The settlement procedure during the provisional trading period is similar to the settlement of Futures Contracts.
  • Can I trade in Futures?
    Yes, you can trade in all active futures scripts
  • What are Trading Lots?
    Trading lot is an acceptable 'number of shares' that an investor can buy or sell during the open market timing at the Karachi Stock Exchange.
  • What is Market Lot?
    A market lot concept applies to the ready market counter only, it is an acceptable 'number of shares' that an investor can buy or sell at the Karachi Stock Exchange.
  • What is a 'Symbol?'
    A symbol is a unique, market-approved code that identifies a particular security on an exchange. The symbol generally reflects the name of the security. For example, the symbol for the K-Electric Limited stock is KEL. This is also known as the 'ticker symbol'.
  • What is a 'Limit Order?'
    When you instruct your broker to buy shares for you at or below a certain price, or sell shares at or above a certain price, you've entered a limit order. Limit orders reduce the risk that an order will be filled at a price you don't like, and best suit the investors' interests in volatile markets. The down side, of course, is that by waiting for your price the stock you want gets away from you, or the stock you want to unload just keeps falling. The opposite of a limit order is a market order, in which the broker is instructed to execute the trade at any market price available.
  • How long does it take to complete a normal order?
    Under 'normal conditions' orders are placed and confirmed within two (02) seconds, but it is important to understand that the time to execute an order will vary depending upon market conditions, type of order being placed, order size, internet connection etc.
  • What is IVR?
    An IVR is an automated system that is plugged into computer telephony systems and is activated when a customer calls BIPL Direct.

    IVRs consist of a series of voice recordings through which a wide range of services can be offered. These services are presented to the caller as a series of options. The caller can make his/her choice by entering digits via a touch phone.

    These recordings are comprehensive and can guide a caller through an entire call. The caller, of course, has the option to speak to an BIPL Direct Customer Support Officer at any point during the call.
  • I already have a CDC Investor's A/C, what is the procedure to transfer shares from my CDC Investor's A/C to my BIPL Direct A/C?
    You will have to provide a CDC cheque (Transfer Order) in favor of "BIPL Securities Ltd", our participant ID is 00364. Submit the cheque directly in the CDC and email us at mentioning the details of shares, your CDC Investor account Title name and CDC Investor account number from where the shares have been transferred positively till 4.00 PM on the day of transfer or you may also fax us a copy of the cheque stating your BIPL Direct user ID for follow up. As soon as your shares are received your BIPL Direct account will be updated.
  • Can I transfer my securities from my BIPL Direct A/C to another member's A/C or to another CDC investor's A/C?
    Yes, you can transfer to your own CDC Investor account or your CDC sub account with another member. We will need the CDC account holder's participant name and ID and also a signed written request to transfer the security. However, you must ensure that your account isn't in debit and you maintain Rs. 5,000 in your BIPL Direct account.
    The Account Title(s) information should be same in both accounts (Transferring From and Transferring To).
  • Does BIPL Direct accept physical shares? What is the procedure to convert physical shares into CDC shares?
    Yes, physical shares are acceptable at BIPL Direct. The physical shares should be in the name of Account holder. You will deposit your physical shares along with verified transfer deeds and a covering letter at BIPL Direct office. BIPL Direct will transfer these shares into CDC tradable shares through the Central Depository Company of Pakistan limited (CDC).
  • What are the charges for the conversion and transfer of shares?
    Physical Share Conversion into CDC - 6 paisa/share for 5000 shares or less. 4 paisa/share for more than 5000 shares.
  • Are there any charges for CDC Share Transfer from BIPL Direct to and from another Investor's A/C?
    There are no charges.
  • Can I withdraw amount from my account?
    Yes. However, you can request payment for a minimum of Rs. 5,000 and at the time of request you must maintain balance Rs. 5,000.
  • Where are the proceeds from stock transactions deposited and how are those funds accessed?
    All proceeds will remain in your account until you request a cash withdrawal. All cash withdrawals are requested through your BIPL Direct terminal.
  • How do you notify clients of trade executions?
    Once the trade has been completed, you will receive confirmation via email not later than the start of the next trading day after the contract was entered into. Orders placed through Phone/IVR will also be confirmed via email.
  • What is cash dividend?
    Money paid to stockholders, normally out of the corporation's current earnings or accumulated profits. All dividends must be declared by the board of directors and are taxable as income to the recipients.
  • What are bonus shares?
    A dividend payment made in the form of additional shares, rather than a cash payout.
  • What are rights shares?
    A rights share is an issuance of new shares to existing shareholders. These are not free however they are usually below the current market price. Issuance of these new shares to existing shareholders is known as Right shares.
  • Why does a Company issues Right Shares?
    A rights issue occurs when a company needs to raise extra capital or a company requires liquidity.
  • How can a BIPL Direct Account holder be entitled to receive these shares?
    If the share holder holds the shares in his security holding during the spot period, till the date of book close, then one is entitled to receive the Right shares.
  • How many shares will you get?
    If you have 1000 shares of a certain company which announces 25 % rights then you will receive 250 Right shares.
  • How can a right share be beneficial for the shareholders?
    The major benefit a shareholder gets is that the rights issued, are usually below current market price, which leads them to obtain profits.
  • When to or when not to subscribe your right shares?
    The under stated scenario will help you to decide, whether to subscribe your right shares or sell them in the market. Remember, you may always buy more right shares from the market if required.


    You receive a right share of XYZ and the market price for that right share is Rs.3.00 per share. If you wish, you may sell the rights in the market.

    But if you subscribe the right share at Rs.10 per share, and if the market price of ordinary XYZ is 15.00 and you sell it after the conversion, then you have a benefit of Rs.5.00 per share.

    NOTE: If the company's ordinary shares are traded in the market below the par value and the company offers the right at the rate of par value, then ordinary shares are usually purchased from the market rather than subscribing the rights.
  • What is a dividend disbursement?
    The payment of dividend to clients holding marked deliveries is known as dividend disbursement. This payment is made by he appointed registrar of the company through Dividend Warrants sent to the share holder’s address or they are directly transferred to client’s bank account. The registrar uses the contact & bank details of shares holders through the information provided in CDC Sub Account Form.
  • What are Stop Loss Orders?
    Stop Loss trading is a form used to prevent unusual and large amount of losses. It allows the client to place a rate below current market price if there is a drop expected. In this manner, a client can minimize losses by placing a rate as maximum loss.
  • How many types of accounts BIPL Direct offers?
    BIPL Direct offers two types of accounts
    - Basic
    - Premier

    Note:You can choose any of the above type of accounts and can also switch in between the both accounts by simply providing us the request form for the desired account, format of the request form is available on our website in download section.
  • What is the procedure to avail desired commission structure?
    A duly signed written request is required at the time of account opening. You can also switch your existing account to the other account type by providing us the relevant letter. Formats of the letter are available on our web site in download section.
  • What is the Procedure to cancel pending orders during a system failure?
    In case of system failure, you may call to your assigned trader or BIPL Direct-call center at 0800-52722/ 021-111-222-001 and request to cancel pending order (s) or you may also email at
  • I am an existing account holder, can I change my current commission structure?
    Yes; you can change your current commission structure anytime, just by providing us the written request.
  • Can every one enjoy rebate facility?
    - Basic Account..............Rebate YES
    - Premier Account...........Rebate YES
  • What is Market Order?
    When you instruct your broker to execute the buy / sell trade at any market price available. Market orders increase the risk that an order will be filled at a price you don't like, and does not suit the investors' interests in volatile markets. The up side, of course, is that by waiting for your price the stock you want gets away from you, or the stock you want to unload just keeps falling. The opposite of a Market order is a Limit order, in which the broker is instructed to buy or sell the share at your desired price.

    Market Order always contains a risk of being executed at a price above or below the last scene rate because of the quick fluctuations of share prices.
  • Why my order didn’t execute and remained pending?
    There can be a number of reasons for your order not being executed. The order will not be executed if the share price didn’t reach the limit specified in your placed order, if you place a market order to buy a share trading at Upper Lock or to sell a share trading at Lower lock. Please note that all the orders placed at Karachi Stock Exchange are valid for a session.
  • What are the other methods to reach my trading account if my system is not working?
    There are multiple ways to connect to your stock trading account even when your BIPL Trading System is not accessible. You can either login to your account through or you can contact our IVR based call center UAN 0800-52722 / 021-111-222-001. You can utilize these channels to know your portfolio, place and cancel your orders and a host of other services.
  • How the orders are accepted, processed, settled and cleared via the internet?
    Whenever you will place order through online trading system, the message board view window shows the time and details of the order placement, cancellation and execution. The Margin window also shows the status of order placement through pending order, updation of custody balance in case of execution and cash balance accordingly. You can also view the details of outstanding orders as well executed transaction through your terminal.

    Following Steps involve in order placement, its execution and Settlement
    1) Orders placement by our clients.
    2) After Pre-Order verification order send to PSX FIX Engine through FIX Gateway where order matching has been performed.
    3) If order matching has been successful Order has executed.
    4) Received Trades confirmation from PSX.
    5) Trades are uploaded in our back office and settlement system in order to proceed settlement process.
    6) Trades confirmation memo sent to client through emails and SMS.
    7) Movement of Shares in client CDC sub account according to their nature of transaction i.e. Buy or Sell.

  • Is there a restriction to place any particular type of Order?
    Yes there is a restriction on two types of orders. Short Sell orders for regular market are not allowed to be placed and also Wash Trades (executing a day trade of a particular share where buying and selling is at the same rate) are prohibited
  • What are the other useful websites relating to my trading activities?
  • How can I cancel outstanding/pending order (s)?
    Outstanding/pending orders can be cancelled through cancel order window available on ECLISPE/Trading Terminal. To open the cancel order window, You just press F11 key and click the cancel button. All of the order fields appear as read only in cancel order window. The order will be cancelled only if it has not been traded yet.
    You may also cancel order by open outstanding order window (Ctrl+O). This window displays all outstanding orders which are placed in the market and have not been traded yet. By selecting particular order and clicking right button, the order can be cancel.

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